Day supervision of collective

This day is for EFT – Level 1 or 2


9:30am to 5:30pm

Notes on supervision:

Supervision is an opportunity to share, either in individual sessions, small group or large group, questions that arise, and the obstacles encountered. Bring cases that are difficult or challenge us, try to understand some of our failures, work on specific issues, which may also include cases particularly successful, exchange books and ideas, with videos to illustrate particular points. etc.

In a word, it is a sharing. It is an essential and incredibly beneficial and creative time of the training of a “therapist” whatever the technique.

A bit like “practical work”. We all have scars of heavy and hierarchical educational systems and the word “supervision” is a bit “loaded”. Some use co-vision. I see it a bit like a “sharing fair” where everyone shares and offers a new way of looking to where there was a blind spot.

It also helps to deepen your work and reflect on one’s own practice, which can also help us to determine what type of clients we are more resonant with and love to work with and those to refer to colleagues. It is wise to know your limits.