Private Sessions

I work in one or two hour sessions. The client and practitioner are comfortably sitting, facing each other.

We determine together what we will work on, often what is present here and now in the energy system – physical pain, intense emotion or thought. We measure the intensity of the client’s discomfort.

We begin the EFT tapping sequence on acupuncture points. I guide the client to repeat certain phrases while he/she focuses on his/her own sensations, emotions or thoughts.

After having tapped on all the points, we measure again the intensity of the problem we are working on and we keep repeating this process until the client has clarified his/her energy system in relation to this specific issue.

We complete the session when a stable and peaceful state has been reached.

Results are generally permanent when we get to the core underlying problem of the client.

Difference between traditional talk therapy and EFT

The results are surprisingly fast. In talk therapy, people are often discouraged and blocked in their progress. Talk therapy usually takes place over a long period. The EFT technique is fast, easy, gentle, subtle, very fluid and natural.

EFT corrects at a deep level energy disturbances that cause negative emotions. The memories remain, but not their emotional or physical negative charge.

It also offers to people a tool to manage their own negative emotions and their pain in their daily life.

There are no contra-indications in the use of EFT. It can help relieve phobias, stress, anxiety, trauma, addictions, depression, guilt, grief, fear. It also applies to physical symptoms – acute, chronic pain, migraine, insomnia, asthma, stress, etc..

Private Sessions

Sessions in person or online

I offer sessions in my office in Rhinebeck, NY and also work with Skype in the USA and abroad.

Number of sessions

The number of sessions is determined by the depth and seriousness of the problems.